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Going Back to the Start

February 13, 2012


Did you catch this at the Grammy’s last night? No, not Adele. Chipotle’s ad promoting sustainable farming got its prime time moment.

We need to Strengthen farmers markets for the benefit of farmers, consumers, and communities, in addition to growing our own food, even if all we have room for is a little pot or two:)

CUESA -Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture shares a great NYT article about the campaign, which already racked up 4 million views on YouTube.

One Comment
  1. If I could wish for something, it would be for everybody to do what they can when it comes to being eco-friendly. Eat local, go to farmers markets, plant something – it could be a pot of herbs or a backyard full of goodies, recycle, sort and save. Not to consume more then you need. For all of us to take our individual responsibility. My favorite documentaries are Trash Inc and food Inc. We should all try to see these films. Do yourself that favor and educate yourself…

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