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Tips on Freezing Herbs

February 20, 2012

Tips on Freezing Herbs!

Freezing herbs is a great preservation method. It’s much faster than drying and they hold their flavor so you can use the same amount as if it were fresh while cooking!

Herbs that freeze well are: parsley, basil, chives, mint, sage, oregano, savory, dill, thyme and tarragon.

Keep in mind that while freezing your herbs is a great way to preserve their flavors & aromas, it will soften their texture thus making them suitable for cooked dishes, soups and salad dressings.


Wash the herbs and pat them dry. If you are freezing larger leaves you may want to lay them out on a pan in a single layer and put them in the freezer until frozen first before putting them in a sealed bag or container.  Other methods of this step would be to clip the herb leaving the stems on them, bunch the bottom of the stem up with rubber bands, wash and hang them to dry instead of patting them.


Once dry, you can chop the herbs into preferred sizes. Chopping chives into small pieces is advisable as they are very thin and will freeze within minutes.


Put the chopped herbs into sealed containers or ziplock freezer bags, labeling them for easy identification. Push all the air out of the bag or container before sealing.  If you would like to keep your basil leaves from breaking, try adding a drop or two of olive oil to the bag or rub them on the leaves before freezing. Also, basil can sometimes turn a darker green or light brown while frozen, to help prevent that, try adding a drop or so of lemon juice to the bag as well. You won’t taste the lemon juice when you use the basil later. Herbs in the freezer will last up to 6 months or more and rarely need thawing before using them!

 Freezing Herbs in Ice Trays Works Well Too!

– Wash your fresh herbs under cold water.

– Pat with papertowel to dry slightly.

– Chop up your fresh herbs finely.

– Place 1 tablespoon of the chopped herb into each square of the ice cube tray.

– Add a little water, filling the tray just below the top of the squares.

– Carefully place the entire tray in the freezer. When the cubes are frozen, pop them out to a labeled container or ziplock bag.

Freezing herbs is such a convenient method of enjoying fresh tasting herbs all year long!

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