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February 20, 2012


First pick a spot in the lawn where you want the Tipsy Pots to go. Remove the sod & drive a 66″ long piece of re-rod  into the soil two feet, then surrounded the rod with newspaper to help prevent weeds from coming up through the mulch. It’s important to pound the rod into the soil at least two feet so that the rod will support the weight of the pots when full.

Then place a 12″ round clay pot at the base, threading the re-rod through the drainage hole. You must fill the pot full of soil at this point so that the next pot has something to sit on. Press the soil down and water it in to firm it up a bit. Use 10″ pots for the remainder of the tower, although you can also use pots in ascending sizes. Thread the second pot through it’s drainage hole and tilt it to one side so that the base of the 10″ pot is resting on the soil.

The next three pots will be threaded onto the rod and tilted on opposite sides of each other so that the weight is distributed evenly.


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One Comment
  1. That is a great idea. Specially for kids to enjoy. They will love planting in these pots. Thank you for the tip. Gisela

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