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July 6, 2012

Awesome Chart!

Namaste Healing Center

Apples ~♥~ Protects your heart, prevents constipation, Blocks diarrhea, Improves lung capacity, Cushions joints

Apricots ~♥~  Combats cancer, Controls blood pressure, Saves your eyesight, Shields against Alzheimer’s, Slows aging process

Artichokes ~♥~  Aids digestion, Lowers cholesterol, Protects your heart, Stabilizes blood sugar, Guards against liver disease

Avocados ~♥~  Battles diabetes, Lowers cholesterol, Helps stop strokes, Controls blood pressure, Smoothes skin

Bananas ~♥~  Protects your heart, Quiets a cough, Strengthens bones, Controls blood pressure, Blocks diarrhea

Beans ~♥~  Prevents constipation, Helps hemorrhoids, Lowers cholesterol, Combats cancer, Stabilizes blood sugar

Beets ~♥~  Controls blood pressure, Combats cancer, Strengthens bones, Protects your heart, Aids weight loss

Blueberries ~♥~  Combats cancer, Protects your heart, Stabilizes blood sugar, Boosts memory, Prevents constipation

Broccoli ~♥~  Strengthens bones, Saves eyesight, Combats cancer, Protects your heart, Controls blood pressure

Cabbage ~♥~  Combats cancer, Prevents constipation, Promotes weight loss, Protects your heart, Helps hemorrhoids

Cantaloupe ~♥~  Saves eyesight, Controls blood pressure, Lowers cholesterol, Combats cancer, Supports immune system

Carrots ~♥~  Saves eyesight…

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