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The Harmony of Permaculture

December 9, 2012

Permaculture_Garden“Permaculture is the harmonious integration of landscape and people. The philosophy behind it is one of, working with, rather than working against, nature. The ethical basis of permaculture is: to take care of the earth; the people, and to set limits on consumption and population.” Bill Mollison, 2002

I disagree with his assessment because on some level I believe each person has the right to decide how many children one has. It’s a very personal decision that I will fight to uphold. Reproductive Rights. Yes, I have opinions and I’m not afraid to state them. You have them, too. And I stand on your right to have them. Personal Responsibility.

Initially, permaculture is a technique to design systems with better energy efficiency. The question is asked, “why is the forest so abundant, but agricultural systems are not?”  Permaculture has an ethic that follows three principles:

  1. Take Care of the Earth. She is your Mother, so instead of saying, “the earth belongs to us, rather say. We belong to the Earth.”
  2. Take Care of the People; the social permaculture
  3. Share the Surplus, which is also connected to economical sustainability, because we are not here to live a life of consumerism, but one of simplicity

Sounds a bit Socialist and religious in its approach to me, but hey, whatever works 🙂

The way we have been farming for the past few generations is aggressive for all involved; nature, agriculture, and tradesmen, making permaculture more an issue of economics. Permaculture has sustainable a dimension. It takes us to a logic in which we interfere less, save energy, and get more in return. Nature has its own speed and I respect that.

The question I most have about permaculture is how is it going to change our current farming methodology? While I can easily see using this on urban lots that lie fallow and on to small acreage farms, I have trouble envisioning this on farms that encompass hundreds & thousands of acres. So far a comprehensive study has not been completed. I saw a post by a doctorate student endeavoring to study permaculture from a scientific stand point. He is in fundraising mode so he can do this work. Sure hope it works out for him.

There will be more on this topic as I research, learn, & put into practice what I learn. Stay Tuned 🙂


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