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February 7, 2013

Ground to Ground

Not sure what else to call it really – coffee grounds are crack for worms.

If you add coffee grounds into a worm farm they will go nuts for it, reducing the whole pile into luscious vermicast in no time.

Heh even better because it only does them good.

And now via the power of digital images, I bring you my earthworm drug of choice…

worm on crack

Plenty of fat worms, baby worms, and eggs.

worms in their castings

One of my YouTube videos on the combination of worms and coffee.

Now look at the condition of these large, flat bodied compost worms. In this case the worms were trying to escape the compost bin on a hot day, which had just been filled with coffee grounds and some quail manure. A case of them just saying no to drugs?

coffee grounds drug

Go collect some coffee grounds. On behalf of the worms I thank you!

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