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About Thrive Farm

Thrive Farm is an urban organic permaculture  farm that produces healthy, delicious produce/fruit, eggs, and honey for diverse communities. We practice Sacred Agriculture by drawing upon the wisdom of our ancestors, we uphold ethical and ecological standards in land use and business practices, and act in solidarity with people marginalized in the food system. We are a vessel for education and community building where people gather to share skills on farming, forestry, and natural building, innovate land use practices, and contribute to the movements for justice and sustainability. Permaculture is the name of the game:)

Thrive Farm is part of Namaste Healing Center. It is the ‘for-profit” arm on a social enterprise. Everything we do, plant, grow, & harvest is organic & sustainable. We recycle, compost, and use the heck out of everything until it cannot be used any longer.

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